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From the Creator "Never Marry An Investment," Orlando M.

"How A Confession From A Whale Changed My Life..."

If you're tired of living the hamster wheel slave wage lifestyle, LISTEN UP...

Hi I’m Michael, and in a moment I’m going to share with you one of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. First of all, let me give you a little background history about me.

I worked several odd 9-5 jobs throughout my life, I seemed to always be living from one check to the next and not really having a chance of putting money aside for savings due to needed items that always had to be paid.

When I’m talking about needed Items, I’m talking about the basic necessities food, water, shelter and utility bills. I guess in the end we can skip those utility bills, if you don’t mind living in the stone ages.

And lucky for that one good all special utility aka internet connection, I was able to discover one of the best kept secrets in this digital age.

And let me say this, going from making minimum wage type money to making over $9371 in one month definitely opened my eyes to the reality of greener grass on the other side, as it took less than 2.5 weeks to finally make some REAL greenbacks.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard success stories before and I’m sure you’ve heard about people winning the lottery, and for this reason, I felt that as soon as I received my golden ticket, I knew I needed to run with it and take full advantage of the opportunity as soon as I possibly could...

How did I get my golden ticket? My ticket was given to me through a confession, from a super-hot young stunner that I originally missed diagnosed that ended up being a whale.

And now I’m sitting here writing this letter while sipping on a margarita in the beautiful country of the Philippines. Who would’ve guessed a small poor kid from Southern Nevada would be here today pushing out a quarter of a million dollars every 120 days while being surrounded by 20-year old’s?

To keep it REAL, I barely work 30 minutes per day and most of it is checking my emails, net profits and conversion stats.

I must confess that my day can be quite boring unless I’m spending money carelessly on clothes, shoes, gadgets and junk. Yet for the most part, I try not to be too stupid with my play money as my hot young girlfriend aims to keep me grounded, humble and healthy throughout my day in this wonderful exotic tempered-climate destination.

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